Consulting Services

Offering personalized one-on-one sessions so you can take charge

Affordable One-On-One Training

Affordable one-on-one training sessions are 45 minutes in length, cost $25/session and are conducted at a local Starbucks.

Personal training sessions available for:.

Photoshop - a professional graphic design program

Dreamweaver - a professional website design program

FL Studio a professional music producers program

QuickBooks - a popular bookkeping program

Programming languages - HTML & CSS - used for designing & editing your website

Programming languages - PHP & MySQL - for allowing your website to save/retrieve data

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Premier One-On-One Consulting

Premier one-on-one consulting are 45 minute sessions and cost $150/session. These are conducted at your business or a local coffee shop.

We can discuss whatever your needs are. Here are some popular topics:

Discuss innovative marketing strategies for your business.

Discuss the best layout, design & hosting for your website.

Learn where to get professional looking brochure, flyer, or postcard templates for commercial use.

Learn about how you can target areas using online advertising and US Mail services.

Learn about the "Do Not Call" program and information on soliciting by phone or texts

Learn how you can make your website rank higher in organic search engine results

Learn where professional web designers get images, music and videos for commercial use

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Examples of in-house ads

Here are some flyers I made up a while ago, to promote old sites I had.



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