Advertising Services

Maximizing the return on your investment is what it's all about

Graphic Design

It all starts with the ad. Gary offers effective ad design by combining new business ideas with graphic design skills.

Ad Layout

Gary structures your ad design into appealing layouts to meet the channel distributor's requirements and maintains similar designs through different channels for customer recognition.

Channel Distributors

Gary uses his network of channel distributors to get your ads out in a cost-effective manner. The goal is to maximize the return on your investment.

Website Review and Modification

Gary reviews your existing website and offer suggestions if the site needs correction. With Gary's extensive programming knowledge, minor changes can be done quickly and easily.

Target Specific Areas or Groups

Gary provides the option to target specific areas, neighborhoods or entire communities. Specific groups can be further targeted within the selected area.

Search Engine Optimization

Gary has both: extensive programming knowledge and marketing skills to help your website obtain better search engine ranking. Contact Gary to discuss your needs.

Innovative Marketing

Creative thinking coupled with proper planning - is what it's all about

Gary developed a marketing strategy for a nightclub magazine he manages. He built a separate website to explain the strategy to his potential customers, who are nightclubs, and nightlife related industries. The advertiser's site is Gary has the innovative marketing skills to help you grow your business too. Contact Gary today to learn more.